Nanci Griffith - Little Love Affairs chords

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Since the song is originally done with a folk band and violins it is really up to 
you what strumming pattern you'd like to choose. 

          C                 F              C                   F
When I wake in the night and find that I'm dreaming
   C                   F                C
You're the first thought in mind
   C                  F            C                             F
Love's a fair weather friend when you're lonely
       Am            C            G             C
You are my summer state of mind

Does it sing to you nightly?
Does it lay down beside you?
            Dm                C          F      G
Does it make you hear songs on the radio?
      C                                  Am             F
It once was my shadow, grown weary of travel
       G                  C
Till you gave it home

C          F             C       F           C              F           Am
What makes the love grow when the seasons change
C          F             C       F
What makes the love grow?
        Am      F
It's simple it's comes
             G          C
And it grows on its own

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