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Nas - Film tab

Artist: Nas
Album: Unreleased
Song: Film
Tabbed by

Production by C-Sick
Guitar sampled from some 90s euro pop club song (I'm guessing)

Tuning for this song is EADGCF with a capo on the first fret
	Tune the B string up a half step
	Tune the high E string up a half step
	Capo on first fret
	Slight delay
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F# |-----2-------3---0-----------0-----------------------------------|
C# |---------------------0-----------3-----------3---3\------2-------|
G# |---------0---------------1-----------1---------------1-------1---|
D# |-3---------------------------------------3-----------------------|
A# |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
F  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
    If I could press pause or fast forward past the hardness

F# |---------------------------------0-----------0-------------------|
C# |-----2-------3---0-----------0-------0-----------3---------------|
G# |---------0-----------0-------------------0-----------0-------0---|
D# |-1-----------------------1-------------------------------1-------|
A# |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
F  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
    Visions written bring words too life like i'm smitten with...

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