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Natalie Imbruglia - Scars chords

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Title: Scars
Artist: Natalie Imbruglia 
Album: Come To Life (2009) 
This is a simple way to play the song in standard tuning.
Verse F# C# D#m B
Is this part, is this part,
Of the process, of the process?
Can I find another way 'round,
Other way round, round the pain?
Cuz you've left me here in the middle of it
Said "I'll work it out, I promise"
B                                    B
I don't know how we got here in the first place.

I climb the walls
You hit the bars
I am from Venus
You are from Mars
D#m                    B
You got your           brand new friends
F#                     A#m
And I got a broken     heart

D#m                 C#                B
Doesn't matter      who we            are
G#m                       F#  C#
     Everyone has their scars
                          D#m B
     Everyone has their scars

Verse F# C# D#m B
There's a place, there's a place,
That I'm heading, that I'm heading.
Need to know, are you coming,
Are you coming, telling me?
Cuz you're heading in the wrong direction
Just as I need your protection.
Maybe I should let you find your own way.

D#m               B
What could be so bad?
It's taken you so far
D#m        C#                C#    B
Until you don't know who you are...
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