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Natalie Merchant - Frozen Charlotte tab

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Frozen Charlotte V Natalie Merchant

(This is the first tab I have submitted online, comments to: 
go easy on me )

Capo II (Chord forms are relative to capo)


E     A       E      A    E       A

Verse 1:
E              A                  E               A
Blue like the winter snow in the full moon
E              A                  B
Black like the silhouettes of the trees
E              A               E                     A
Late blooming flowers lie frozen underneath the stars
E              A               B
I want you to remember me that way
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Interlude: Finger off the E chord to play along V not too hard
E       A        E       A
E                   A    --------merge into the G#m of chorus

Far away
I'll be gone
         A              E
Will you wait for me here?
How long?
I don't know
        A                 E
But wait (pause) for me here

Verse 2: Repeat for the rest of the song

Still as the river grows in December
Silent and perfect blinding ice
Spring keeps her promises
No cold can keep her back
I want you to remember me that way

Far away
I'll be gone
Will you wait for me here?
How long?
I don't know
But wait for me here
Don't follow me to where I'll go

(Repeat this one more time after distorted power chords of the verse structure, or just 
another interlude, thats what I do.) Have fun!!!
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