Natasha Bedingfield - Pirate Bones chords

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Pirate Bones
Intro     C   Em   Bm

Verse 1
Em                                                            Bm
What if I squeeze myself into any shape and I still don't fit?
What if I bend myself so much that I break and I can't mend it?
D                                                                Bm
What if I burn so bright that the fire goes out and I can't stay lit?
What's the point in it?
Em                                                     Bm
I could get good at crying crocodile tears just to get along
Em                                                           Bm
I could carry on telling you wanna hear 'til my voice is gone
D                                                                    Bm
But if I finally get to the place that I think is home and I don't belong
What's the point in it?  Where's the benefit?  When I'm gaining all but I'm losing it

It's not worth having if it's too much to hold
You can dig so deep that you're left with a hole
Em                                                             Bm7
Thirsty in a desert with a bag full of gold
Don't wanna end up like pirate bones
What I thought was precious was just a pile o' stones
Em                                                                      Bm7
I might have the treasure but I'd be lying alone
Just a pile of pirate bones
       Bm7                                                 Em
If I forfeit my soul it ain't worth having
If it's something I stole it ain't worth having

Verse 2
Em                                                                Bm
What if I stake everything I am on a dream and it's counterfeit?
Em                                                             Bm
If I reach the end that justifies the means could I live with it?
                  D                                                          Bm
And if it's true that having too much of any good thing could only make me sick
What's the point in it?  Where's the benefit? When I'm gaining all but I'm losing it. 
Oh, oh


Verse 3
Am                                           Em/G
It's not worth that much to me if losing out is what it means
To swim in shallow victory
Is empty, empty
Am                                      Em/G
It's just not worth the price it's only a fools paradise
          D                                        C                     Bm7             
If it's draining every drop of life 'til I'm dry like pirate bones

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