Nathaniel Rateliff - You Should Have Seen The Other Guy chords

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Here are the chords as i have roughly identified them. THe names may vary but it 
all sounds spot on. Enjoy!

G7 332010
C7 033210
Dm7 000231
AM7 002010


G7	C7
We get out of this fight
You gonna help me wrap my hands
Stitching up my eyes
You know blood can blind

And them was big old boys
Had fists like cinder and stone
I dodge a blade on the dime
And they was out to cut my throat

        Em	      Am
It's a lot, It's a mark they're gonna press down on you
	Em	Am	G
It's a haze on my head, must've been hit too hard, off guard

	C7	AM7   Dm7
I think I'm gonna be it tonight
If there's one way out
It's to swing my way through the crowd

Is there a blanket of pain
That I can wrap up in
You've got a hold of me now
Hey that's a helluva grip
And I admit I was tanked
And you could say I was pissing gin

It's hard to see even if I close my eyes
It's fifteen degrees I'm gonna sleep outside

Cos I got no way to feel and no way to ride
I'm busted laid up and dry
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