Nathaniel Rateliff - Early Spring Till chords

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Early Spring Till - Nathaniel Rateliff

D                                                       A
I was out there missing steps, when you swung around to me
D                                           A
Best to land, not to crash, pulling out too late
D                                   A
Call on everyone you ever knew, and plead
G                          D
Well I've been the bum who's underfed
G                             D
I've been the one who should've said
G                             D         A
Maybe I'm wrong and I've always been that way

        D            Bm           A
Are you tied to your field, wrung out
         D           Bm          A
Have you fallen from where glory sprouts
        D          Bm                 A
Are you cut off in fields and pressed down
        D             Bm                  A
Like an early spring till that don't come around
I think I've been there

G                      D
I think I'm waiting too long
G                        D
You tried this panting and poured?
Em          Bm                 A
You set a course to cross me out

        D         Bm              A
Are you tired and broken, once so stout
        D           Bm                                A
Are you full of the feeling, don't doubt it when it's gone
        D             Bm               A
I could cut off (this reel?) and leave now
        D            Bm                A
I could fill up with air and scream so loud
I think I'm going to 
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