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Natural - Will It Ever tab

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Title: Will it Ever

Artist: Natural

Chords By: Valera, Charlie Edsel
           Student Nurse 4th level

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Intro: D-Bm-Em-G-A

can you see me baby
         F#m             G
im right here, i hang around
but you don't seem to care
   Bm             F#m
wish i know just how for to make a start
ive been waiting for too long
to say where you belong

     G     A       F#7  Bm
and all i see is your face
       G           Em   A     
everywhere i turn oh every girl i met

will it ever be you and me
will it ever be the one that youll see
will it ever come a to me just right
G             A
to love you at first sight

will you ever be my destiny will i ever bekthe one
 Bm        Em
that youll need will it ever come a perfect night
       G             D
to love you at first sight, a baby
Bm                 F#
i can feel you baby in my heart
flowing through my veins kike a riover of
A                    Bm       F#m
love it might sound strange, i can't deny
        E                             A
i am lonely in this prison and youre the

reason why



           G   A    F# Bm G
Oh babe im wondering when you will
G     Em      A
when you will you come my way

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