Negative - Fading Yourself chords

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(Verse 1)
Am           Em             Am
Fade all the demons in your head
             G              Am
It's getting harder to understand
          Em               Am     Em
Delusion all that makes no sense
Am              Em                     Am
It's all in our minds, it's all in our eyes
     G                     Am
They see what they want to see
                Em                   Am    Em
The whole truth beyond these endless lies
Am                  G
Every face that you make
Am                G
They've become so lame

You're losing your faith
Can't you see
                   Am         Em
that there must be something
Something you know
    G               Am  Em
And more to believe in
You're fading yourself

(Verse 2)
Am               Em                    Am
Take some wasted years you thought you knew
           G                 Am
And you'll see that you were wrong
                          Em                Am      Em
What it takes? What's the price of being in bloom?
Am            G
You become so numb
Am                   G
All that mattered is gone

(Repeat chorus)

G                   Am                            G    Am
If you keep looking back and feel sorry for yesterdays
G                    Am                       G        Am
You'll be one of the strangers you can't recognize yourself
G               Am             G
The passion you felt it was so strong
Now it's gone.

(Repeat chorus x2)

Em            Am
You're fading yourself (x3)
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