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Negativland - Greatest Taste Around tab

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As far as I'm aware, this songs only really has a bass line and a drum beat.  However, 
harmony is really obvious and I've transcribed it for guitar.

Capo at 6th fret (Shapes: Eb=A, Bb=E, Ab=D):

Eb                        (Bb) Eb
I got fired by my boss      -  Pepsi
I nailed Jesus to the cross -  Pepsi
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Ab                Eb
Powdered mashed potatoes in the
Bb                  Eb
cupboard for three years
Ab         Eb
Alcoholic husbands driving
Bb               Eb
frantic wives to tears
Eb                               (Bb)Eb
Poor old widow's house burned down - Pepsi

Tractors plowing down the hills - Pepsi
Ghastly stench of puppy mills - Pepsi

Sheets of stinking urine
Bloody shards of glass
Mudflaps burned by hot exhaust
Drunkards passing gas
Children dying of disease - Pepsi

Leading helpless teens astray - Pepsi
I can't find the strength to say - Pepsi

Medicated ointment being
spread on painful rash
Old, outdated software getting
thrown into the trash
Everything still tastes the same - Pepsi