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Neil Young - Long May You Run tab

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 Long May You Run : Unplugged


 D          A/D          G        D
 We've been through some things together,

 Bm             G        A
 With trunks of memories still to come.

 D        A/D             G      D
 We found things to do in stormy weather.

 Bm   A       D
 Long may you run.

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 D            A/D  G        D
 Long may you run, long may you run,

 Bm             G            A
 Although these changes have come.

 D                      A/D
 With your chrome heart shinin'

 G      D    Bm   A       D
 in the sun, long may you run.

 G Bb

 Well it was back in Blind River in nineteen sixtytwo
 When I last saw you alive.
 But we missed that ship on the long decline.
 Long may you run.


 D Dsus4 D


 Maybe the Beach Boys have got you now
 With those waves singin' Caroline.
 Rollin' down that empty ocean road,
 Get into the surf on time.




 D Dsus4 D

 A/D x00220
 Dsus4 x00233
 from the decade file by inges@??? pulled of
 as on the 'long may you run' album, with extra chorus, and an extra harp solo
 in place of the guitar solo.
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