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Neil Young - Little Wing tab

I worked this out and found that the online versions have it different. Playing along 
and listening carefully, I tried it their way and I think they have it wrong and I have it right.

Tune half a step down: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

Bmaj7 E Bmaj7

E                       Bmaj7
 All her friends call her Little Wing
E                                 Bmaj7
 But she flies rings around them all
E                          Bmaj7
 She comes to town when the children sing
E                                 Bmaj7
 And leaves them feathers if they fall
E                                Bmaj7
 She leaves her feathers if they fall

(there's a little figure here:
Eb (Echord)---|----(2)----------------|--0--------|

that's just approximate)

E                   Bmaj7
 Little wing don't fly away
E                         Bmaj7
 When the summer turns to fall
E                  Bmaj7
 Don't you know some people say
E                                    Bmaj7
 the winter is the best time of them all
E                                Bmaj7
 the winter is the best of all

E Bmaj7...

The strumming is nigh-on untababable, but play with it and get the feel that Neil gets 
with his palm mute/strum/fingerstyle.
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