Neil Young - Old Laughing Lady chords

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 [G]     [C]  [G]                            
[G]Don't call pretty Peggy, [C]She can't hear you no [G]more
Don't leave no message [C]Round her back [G]door
They say the [C]old laughing lady Been here be[G]fore
She [D]don't keep time [C] She don't count [G]score

[G]   [C]  [G]                              
[G]You can't have a cupboard [C]If there ain't no [G] wall
You got to move [C]There's no time for you to stall

              C            020010 Am
They say the old laughing lady Dropped [C]by to [D]call [G]
And [D]when she leaves [Am] She leaves [C]nothing at [G]all

verse: (without the run through Am)

[G]See the drunkard of the village [C]Fallin' on his [G]feet
He can't tell his ankle [C]From the rest of his [G]feet

            C            020010 Am
He loves his old laughing lady
Because the [C]taste is so [G]sweet [Bm] But the [D]laughin' lady's loving
Ain't the [Am]kind he can [C]keep [G]

 [D]  [Am]   [C]  [G]                            

There's a [G]fever on the freeway [C]Blacks out the [G]night
There's a slippin' on the stairway Just [C]don't feel right [G]
There's a [C]rumblin' in the bedroom And a [C]flashin' of [G]light

[D]There's the old laughing lady Every[C]thing is all right [G]
[D]There's the old laughing lady Every[C]thing is all right [G]

 [D]  [Am]   [C]  [G]                            
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