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Neil Young - Secret Box tab

Play first verse calmer and a more relaxed tempo.

G                  D                A        A
I have Something, it's very special to me...

G               D                A        A
It's a secret, that's only known to me...

G                    D               A     A  
You can only imagine what it's like to me...

G                       D                       A         A 
What does it feel like, what does it sound like to me...


 G   D    A
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G                         D       A
I got it for my birthday in 1998, what a fine gift, i was feeling great.

G                       D                       A 
I loved my box so much, I never went to school. I just stayed home and played 

with it because I was so cool.

G    D   A    G    D    A     G D    A    G  D   A
Hey Hey hey. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Secret Box. Secret Box

Solo over GDA (X2)


G                   D                 A 
I went home one day to my Secret box. I can't stay away from it, it really rocks.

G                        D                         A
I told you about my box, so you can't tell anyone, or I'LL KILL YOU!



Fade out...
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