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Neil Young - Without Rings tab

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Without Rings by Neil Young

Chords used : G C D Am Em

Riff: --3--3--------

Repeat Riff for intro

C         D           Am               Em
Someone's hiding out, who can't forget about
D                      C               G   Riff
The things that people do when they're free
C             D           Am                Em
Like visitors from space, it's hard to find a place
D               C           G Riff
To blend in and go unrecognized
C               D       Am              Em
I'm waiting for a sign, I'm standing on the road
D            C               G Riff
With my mind outstretched to you
C           D            Am                    Em
I'm picking something up, I'm letting something go
D          C                     G Riff
Like a dog out fetching this to you
Pictures in my mind
Row of poppy fields, harmony entwined, changing gear that grinds
             G Riff
Pictures in my mind
Pictures in my brain
Electrical energy, fighting drugs with pain, theres a war inside
             G riff   
Pictures in my brain
C              D      Am                Em
I'm looking for a job, I dont know what I'm doing
D                C                 G Riff
My software's not compatible with you
C               D     Am              Em
But this I cant deny, I know that you can fly
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