Nerf Herder - Welcome To My World chords

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Welcome to My World
Nerf Herder
American Cheese

B5  (x244xx)
F#5 (244xxx)
E5  (022xxx)
G#5 (466xxx)

Synth line:
            B5          F#5  E5               B5
*Notes in parentheses are just passing tones as played on a keyboard

Intro: (Synth Line x2 - once with acoustic chords, once with electric)

B5                    F#5
Sittin' in my boxers, eatin' Apple Jacks
E5                   B5
Welcome to my world, welcome to my wor-uh-rld
B5                       F#5
Wackin' it to late night Cinemax
E5                         B5
Welcome to my world

B5                F#5
Jeagermeister and Captain Crunch
E5               B5
Nicotine and the Brady Bunch
B5                         F#5
I'm building a boat out of pudding cups
E5                        B5
Welcome to my world

G#5           F#5      
Welcome to my wo-o-rld
B5               E5
Non-stop no-girl action
Without you

(Synth line x1)

B5                F#5
This old shirt is startin' to stink
E5                       B5
I don't give a damn what people think
B5                       F#5
I can take a leak in the kitchen sink
E5                      B5
Welcome to my world

B5              F#5
No, you needn't shed a tear
E5                       B5
Cos I've got waffles and I've got beer
B5               F#5
And I've got Mr. Belvedere
E5                       B5
Welcome to my world

(Synth line - no trills/slides)
B5    |F#5    |E5    |G#5  F#5|

B5          F#5
Don't wanna be here
E5         G#5 F#5    B5
Don't wanna be here tonight
B5          F#5
Can't stand another
E5  G#5     F#5       B5
Epi-sode of Cheers tonight
B5          F#5
I hate that Woody
E5       G#5 F#5
I hate Dianne
B5          F#5
Fraiser and Norm and that
E5          G#5 F#5
Dumbass mailman

End on B5.
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