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Nerfherders - Buffy tab

Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Theme Song)
Artist: Nerf Herder
Tabber: XynderSpyk

Standard E Tuning

The intro is some synthesized bass on a
keyboard or whatever in the notes of E, F#, G, D
then scrape pick down strings and begin...


Then scrape pick once again and play above chords in same timing, 
only continuously strumming. Then with bass solo...


Scrap again... (x means strum this many times, fast)

   12x  3x 2x   12x  3x 2x   12x  3x  2x  16x  8x

And for those of you who want the bass tab... 

|----------------|   Play each note repeatedly
|----------------|   Listen to song for accents
|--0--3----------|   Play this twice

Bass solo...


|----------------|-----------------|   Play repeatedly like before
|----------------|-----------------|   except slides and final E

I've studied this thing pretty intensively so by all means don't 
take this as fact, but it's pretty damn close.
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