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Nerina Pallot - Skeletons chords

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I've had a quick look around, and couldn't find a tab to Ricky Lee Jones' (also 
beautiful) original version of this, but this is what I tabbed out a little while ago. I'm not 
one hundred percent certain, but I think the chords are the same throughout.

This is a simplified version of the piano part at the start. And/or the melody line. You 
might want to slide the notes a little, though.


She was pregnant in May
Now they're on their way
Dashing through the snow
To St. John's, here we go

Well, it could be a boy
But it's okay if he's girl
Oh, these things that grow out of
The things that we give

We should move to the West side
They still believe in things
That give a kid half a chance

When he pulled off the road
Step in a waltz of red moon-beams
Said he fit an APB’d
Robbery nearby

And he go for his wallet
And they thought he was going for a gun
And the cops blew Bird away

Some kids like watching Saturday cartoons
Some girls like to listen to records all day in their rooms
But what do birds leave behind of the wings that they came with
If your son's in a tree building model planes?

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