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Nerina Pallot - Mr King tab

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Intro: C Am Em

C Am Em
Good days, bad days, I've had a few of those,
C Am Em
Same old story -I know how this song goes,
Dm C G
At least I did, but now I'm not so sure,
Dm C G
Nothing's in its place, nothing's certain anymore,
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Birds fly, trees sway, why can't I be like that?
Happy knowing what I am, in fact and leaving be?
But truth has been obscured,
I am only human and I'm always wanting...more.

C Dm G
Oh, the world is a place and they say it's on our side,
C Dm G
But I wonder, is there comfort in those moments when we die?
Am G# Fm G
Now I see, Mr. King, this was in the books you gave me,
Am G# Fm G
Which I read, disbelieving, thinking poets are depressed,
Am G# Fm G C
Oh, Mr. King, I have changed, I confess.

C Am Em
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