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Neutral Milk Hotel - Circle Of Friends tab

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This is an easy song to play, and it's really fun :)
its standard tuning and the chords are just Am, C and G.
the strumming pattern is easy if you just listen to the song.
here we go !

Am, C, Am, C

Am             C                    Am
Greet all your friends and they say hello
Am                C               Am
They tie all your ends until they tie
Am           C                    Am
Yourself in again into something whole
Am          C               G
Something secure and lost inside

             Am    C, Am, C
I imply I'm away

Am          C         Am
All of the forces we uphold
Am              C          Am
And all of the dangers we escape
Am             C                    Am
You wonder sometimes how long we'll hold
Am                C              G
Till all of this anger shows its way
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We embrace
I'm OK
I'm OK
I'm OK

Am, C, Am, C

Am             C                    Am
There are just some things we can't know
Am              C                     Am
There are just some things you can't face
Am            C             Am
But I will secure myself in blue
Am            C                G
and get this disease that you embrace

      Am    C, Am, C
and wait

Am             C                  Am
And beginning again takes so much time
Am               C                        Am
And all of your friends come to watch you go
Am            C                     Am
And as your machine pulls from the drive
Am                  C            G
You watch as their empty artics flow

Flow and blow
Flow away
I'm OK
I'm OK

Am, C, Am, C, Am, C
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