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Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-headed Boy Part Two tab

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Standard tuning. Capo on 1st fret. All chord shapes relative to this.
This is the easiest way of playing the song. ver 1 is incomplete, ver 2 is barre only. 

Format of the song:


Outro is in 4/4, everything else is in 3/4 (I think)


G         G                F           Em
    Daddy please hear this song that I sing
G           G               F               Em
    In your heart there's a spark that just screams
      C        C       G             D
For a lover to bring a child to your chest
           C          C              G            D
That could lay as you sleep and love all you have left
          C           C        Am             Am
Like your boy used to be, long ago wrapped in sheets
         D    D
Warm and wet

G           G                 F             Em
    Blister please with those wings in your spine
G           G         F          Em
    Love to be with a brother of mine
         C       C         G             D
How he'd love to find your tongue in his teeth
     C           C           G              D
In a struggle to find secret songs that you keep
           C        C              Am      Am
Wrapped in boxes so tight sounding only at night
       D    D
As you sleep

G         Am            D                C  G
    In my dreams you're alive and you're crying
        Am             D             C G
As your mouth moves in mine soft and sweet
         Am                  D             C    G
Rings of flowers around your eyes and I'll love you
        Am           D
For the rest of your life...
C    C    
Am   Am
D    D

G           G          F          Em
    Brother see we are one in the same
G           G              F                Em
    And you left with your head filled with flames
        C               C           G                D
And you watched as your brains fell out through your teeth
         C         C                G              D
Push the pieces in place, make your smile sweet to see
          C          C              Am         Am
Don't you take this away, I'm still wanting my face
        D    D
On your cheek

C               G           C            G
    And when we break we'll wait for our miracle
C        G           D         D
God is a place where some holy spectacle
C             G           C            G
lies. When we break we'll wait for our miracle
C        G              D            D           
God is a place you will wait for the rest of your 
C    C    C    C

G          B
Two headed boy
       G             B
She is all you could need
         G           B
She will feed you tomatoes
    C     G
And radio wires
And retire to sheets
Safe and clean
But don't hate her
When she gets up to leave
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