Neva Dinova - She Cant Change chords

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She Can't Change Tab

D Bm F#m G x2

Verse part 1
She can't change, she don't wanna, not like when she was young she'd change for anyone...
D Em C G Em G x2

Verse part 2
You don't want to face it...
Bm Em G  x2

Interlude thing
D Bm F#m G

Verse part 1
Broke a promise I had saved up for you...

If its to hard be honest... 
D Bm G A (hold the out)
D Bm Em G
Bm Em G (goes back into strumming here, and this is the base for the rest of the 
song, I ain't tabbing all that though)

People should tab more Neva Dinova, its good stuff!
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