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Neva Dinova - Cant Wait To See You tab

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Neva Dinova - Can't Wait to See You

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Em - C - G - D
 Em                 C
When i go will my mother know? 

           G             D
Will my brother know I tried? 

              C                G
Will the government send them my old pens 

          D                 C
And the letter I tried to write? 

 Em                 C 
Will my dad as he cries all night 

          G                   D
Will he still believe we're right? 

          C                    G
As I'm drinking blood from a silver cup 
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            D                C
With these men who chose to die. 

 Em                 C
When I go will my mother cry? 

           G             D
Will my brother want to die? 

          C             G     
As i'm drinking up an amber stout 

           D                 C    
With this god I've heard so much about. 

 Em                      C
When I go will you be ashamed? 

           G              D        C - G
Will you still recall my name with pain? 

 D                      C
Can't wait to see you hang, 

See you hang. 

-=tabbed by nate pulver 
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