Neva Dinova - Lucifers Lament tab

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I can't guarentee the lyrics are right but i'm pretty sure the chords are...When i 
this song is had the my reverb all the way up to 10.

E     Cm       C#m              Bm      A   
face first in gloves, i got some cancer for your love.

E           Cm    C#m      A          Bm
but you can only die twice, it's that second time that

          A                  E
makes the first time seem so nice.

E             Cm       C#m
as fars i can tell, my angel, she fell,

     Bm                  A         E
her wings are sticking through her dress.

E                   Cm          C#m           A
and i don't want to look, but i must, she mistook me for

Bm       A               E
one who could be saved, i guess.

B                                    C#m
and i know what they say we look the same in the dark,

     B                                C#m     A
yeah i know what they say i walked in asbury park

        B               A        E
saw my troubles in the hearts of men

C#m, C#m, C#m, C#m... C#m, C#m, 
C#m, E  (2x)

E        Cm                C#m     Bm    A  
hate's a girl with pretty eyes, but i'm just not the type.

E      Cm     C#m  A       Bm          
truthfully i believe that anyone who dies kills themself.

E      Cm            C#m      Bm        A   
and i fell from great heights, and saw a lot, however

   A     E
fast it past.

E     Cm           C#m  Bm          A      E
and i don't really like the way that i've become,

E     Cm             C#  A         Bm       A
but i can't stop it now, when the madness comes,

i'll get out.
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