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Nevershoutnever - Heregoesnothin chords

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This is my first tab :D
so it might not be good,
but i did my best....

Here Goes Nothing by Nevershoutnever!

[Strummed Fast]
Listen to song to get rhythm...
--x-x-x-x-----x-----x-|    [Continue...]

Verse 1&2
The strumming is a bit difficult,listen to the song to get it right.

F                       Am                                             G
If timings everything...I know you're anxious.. your mouth like you're 5
F                       Am                                             G
After playing 'G', strum 'Am' when he sings "...pretend."

[Strumming Pattern Changes]
Listen to song to get rhythm

      F                Am             G
I'll sit........back.......and I'll watch the show....
      F          Am                   G
at the end of 'G', play 'Am' again.

[Listen to song to get strumming correctly.]

 Am                   F                   C                   G

I hope this help anyone who wants to play this song
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