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New Amsterdams - Drunk Or Dead tab

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Standard Tuning - Capo 2 (chords relative to capo)

Intro Part 1: C
Intro Part 2: C F Am G C F G

C                     F
Little did I know it then

     Am                      G
The pictures on the heads of pins

    C                  F
Be easier than living is

Easier to watch you die

C                         F
Lost what little luck was left

     Am                    G
Its not enough to pay the rent

C                     F
Not enough to force repentance

Not enough to make you pray

F              G           C        F
And dont tell me bout the sins of man

Am               G                  C
Ive felt the sting of Gods right hand

I find him after school in bed
And dont know if hes drunk or dead
A slow but steady breath means
Live to wreck another day

Its terrible to cross my mind
That I should do him in this time
And I could find a better life
Become a burden on the state

You cant run when its all you know
Youll just have to wait to go

(Guitar just plays C for the bridge)

And you cant hurt me cause Ive been true
Your horrid life caught up to you

But I got bruises that you cant see
If theres a god, take him from me.

End on C
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