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New Bad Things - Krankenhaus tab

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New Bad Things - Krankenhaus

it's off their first full-sized album, entitled "Freewheel" (I'm not sure,
but I think it's after Donna Dresch's cat) which was released in 1995 on
Candy-Ass Records.  Transcribed by me, Jennifer Starfish.
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E			A
at the hospital		it's three square-meals a day

E			A
at the hospital		no-one asks if you're okay

E			A			 B
at the hospital		there are people who are trained to 

E			A	E
take care of you

E			A
at the hospital		it's fine if you want to read

E			A
at the hospital		there's always time to sleep

E			A			  B	      E
at the hospital		if they mug you, all they get is your cigarettes

(this part is all downstrokes)

G	    C
everyone is funny

G	     C
everything is kinda broken

G		     C
come right now; it's almost free

G		     C        D
come with me--they'll bill ya later

G		     C        D       G
at the hospital
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