New Life Worship - Be Thou Exalted chords

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Be Thou Exalted
by New Life Worship

C  G/B  D

G/B           C    D
Be Thou my vision, be Thou my joy
G/B      C             D
My providence and my reward
G/B           C     D
Be Thou the wisdom that I employ
G/B           C         D 
To trade my worth for Yours

G/B          C      D
Be Thou my refuge, be Thou my strength
G/B           C       D
Should my confession err
G/B                C        D
My heart's sure whisper assuring then
C                D     G
And trust Your every word

          C   G/B   D
Be Thou exalted
          C       G/B      D
Be Thou exalted, Jesus, forever
           C  G/B D
Be Thou exalted,         forever

G/B           C      D
Be Thou my passion, be Thou my zeal
G/B          C    D
That I may offer Thee
G/B          C      D
No great procession or vain appeal
C       D      G
But my sincerity

      Em7   C      G            D     
Hallelujah to the Name of all names
      Em7   C       G           D
Hallelujah, to the God be all praise
      G       D
Ever holy, worthy
C                   G
Be Thou exalted, always 
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