New Life Worship - Mighty King Of Love tab

Mighty King of Love - New Life Worship

 *Note* - There are a lot of chord charts around, and numerous 
          tabs showing the bass solo, but nothing really for 
          lead guitarists. There are other versions, but this 
          is how we play it a

  G       F2  C  
|-7---7-7-5-5-4-4-4-| (Repeat 4x)

[Verse 1]
 G                  F2    C
Glorious, great an marvelous,
 G            F2    C
Victorious, invincible,
 G              F2        C   
Conqueror over death and fear,
          C            F2  C
He's the warrior undefeatable,
     Em7            F2
The mighty king of love

[Note: The chords I use during the verse for the lead guitar 
are shown below, please note that the chord names are for 
reference only and are not the actual chords named]
       C  F  G  Em7  F2

 D                             C2
Your name is higher, than any other,
     G            Dsus        C2
My over comer and lover of my soul,
 D                             Am7
Your love is greater than any failure,
                  G             Dsus          F2
'Cuz you are the maker and the savior of my soul, 

The mighty king of love (Repeat Intro)



  G   F G Bb C   G   F G D C Bb G

(*Bass solo, keyboard/sax solo, guitar solo go here. I like to
  use the Wah pedal in this part and for the chorus.)

     Gm7              Bb      C         Gm7            Dm         C
The king of love has come to reign  and we are free of all our shame,
     Gm7              Bb      C        Gm7               Dm    C
The king of love has come to save, so we will dance and celebrate, (2x)
     Em7            F2
The mighty king of love (Break/stop)

Repeat last line 4x and end with hits on G/F2/C

Love to hear comments or corrections.
God is great!
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