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New Order - All The Way tab

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New Order - All the Way (from Technique album)

Guitar chords: G, D, Am, C 

Intro: 2 measures instrumental

G                 D         Am              C
It doesn't take a genius to tell me what I am
Lecture me with poetry and tell me that I can
I don't remember what happened yesterday
and I don't give a damn about what all those people say
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Chorus 2X
C                G                 D            Am                     C
(cause) It takes years to find the nerve, to be apart from what you've done
            G            D                 Am        C
to find the truth beside yourself, and not depend on anyone

Interlude: 2 measures instrumental

It don't take no Houdini to tell me what I am
Parasites and litrosites, they burn me if the can
I don't give a damn about what those people say
They pick you up and kick you out they hurt you everyday

Chorus 1X

Interlude: 4 measures instrumental

Chorus 2X

Outro: 4 measures
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