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New Radicals - Jehovah Made This Whole Joint For You tab

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Written by Gregg Alexander
Transcribed by James Spellman

*Tune down one half step*

B-7(9,11)- X20220
E       - 022100
Ab-7     - 464444
B-7     - 797777
A       - 577655
A-7     - X02010
B5       - X244XX
Db-7     - X46454
Gb-     - 244222
G       - 32003X

Intro 8X:

B-7(9,11)   E   (3X)
797777    021100

E                     Ab-7
021100               464444
Meet a girl I met Carolina

       B-7               A     E
      797777           577655 021100
her parents jumped off Niagra Falls, etc...

A-7                             E
X02010                        022100
Does she think this world is all wrong, etc...

And simply says scat, boy! Scat! Scat!

B-7(9,11)               E
X20220                 022100
But isn't it a wonderful world Carolina

B-7(9,11)               E
X20220                022100
Look at the birds in the sky

B-7(9,11)                         E
X20220                          022100
Jehovah made this whole joint for you, Carolina
Ab-7    Db-7   Gb-               E
464444 X46454 244222
And isn't it so wonderful to be alive

...and so on. Great chord sequence in this song!! Enjoy!
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