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Newsboys - Mighty To Save chords

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Song: Mighty To Save
Band: Newsboys
Album: Born Again (2010)

One of my all-time favorite worship songs, and these chords should work for most versions.  

C G Em D

"Shine Your Light..."
C G D Em x2

C                   G
Everyone needs compassion
Love that's never failing
      D               C
Let mercy fall on me
C                  G
Everyone needs forgiveness
The kindness of a Savior
     D               D C D C
The hope of nations

G                       D
Savior, He can move the mountains
          C         G
My God is mighty to save
      Em        D
He is mighty to save
G                   D
Forever, Author of Salvation
             C            G
He rose and conquered the grave
       Em            D
Jesus conquered the grave

"Shine Your Light..."


Chorus x3
(For the slow part, you can either stop or play very lightly)
"Shine Your Light..." x2

Fade to End

I love this song, and I know this tab is 100% correct.
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