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Newton Faulkner - Ufo tab

                                          Newton Faulkner - UFO
                                          (tabbed by mason12309)
I will work on the rest of the song, but most of it is pretty much this.
I did this by ear, and I think it's pretty accurate. Comment for any suggestions 
or improvements. Thanks.

h = hammer on
/ = slide up
\ = slide down

Drop D tuning.

Intro  G|--9h11--------------5---5---0-----|| x4

E|------||-----------------||     E|------------|
B|------||-----------------||     B|------------|
G|------||-----------------||     G|------------|  (Back to intro part)
D|------||-----------------|| x6  D|------------|
A|--8\--||----5--7--8\-----||     A|--5--7--0---|
D|--7\--||----3--5--7\-----||     D|--3--5--0---|

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