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Nic Dalton With The Gloomchasers - Heaven Can Wait tab

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Nic Dalton  – the heaven can wait champion of the world
Tab by Christian Schlachter (
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C                    Am               F               G
that girl will never marry but sheŽll always take you home
           C                     Am        F             G
and sheŽll talk about silver and ??? every Sunday on the phone
         C               Am                   F              G
and that girl will never marry, but she could love you for a life
G           F       G               F               C            C, G, F, C
sheŽs gonna be the heaven can wait, champion of the world, 

this boy will never marry, but heŽs got a purple suit, 
and he sings just for weddings, for weddings and for you,
and that boy will never marry, how he loves you never know
heŽs gonna be, the heaven can wait champion of the world, 
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