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Nic Dalton With The Gloomchasers - Run Wild Again tab

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Artist: Nic Dalton
Album: Romolo
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tab written by Christian Schlachter ( Send corrections!
C                         D
well I can not believe it
         C              D
when she came to my door
         C                    D
that the earth it did tremble and the windows all shake
C                                     D
and she told all these stories til it turned too late
F                          C
then I wake up and itīs all imagination
F         C
run wild again
F            G
and I was so sure it was the real thing
G       F     C        G
I wanna run, run wild again, I wanna run wild again 
        F                  C                        G
I wanna sit and talk to my friends and dream in the end
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