Nick 13 - Carry My Body Down chords

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   Am          Em        Am      Am         Am      Em      Am

Am           Em              Am
How long can this journey go on?
F                           G        Am
  Will I find the place I'm meant to go?
     F                                                Am
Will dreams fall down around us, just like the winter snow? 
Am      Em                Am
Another year has come and gone
F                          G        Am
  Will my luck hold on for one year more? 
  F                                                    G
I think of how far I have come, and what's been left behind

	Am     Em        Am  
	  When will they  carry my body down?
	Am     Em        Am  
	  When will they  carry my body down?
	          F                                                     Am
	Will they take it from the river after I've jumped right in and drowned?
	          F                                                  G 
	Will they find it on the battlefield, on the spot I stood my ground? 

I walk alone, I walk apart. Someday, I'll wander no more. 
I search to find what I have lost and that which I've never known. 
And when I find that I have gone across that river I know, 
I'll take only my memories, and things that might have been. 

	When will they carry my body down?
	When will they carry my body down? 
	Will they cut it from a hangman's noose after the sentence has come down? 
	Will anyone be there to morn a villain's passing to the ground? 

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