Nick Ciampi - Really Too Bad chords

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Artist: Nick Ciampi
Song: Really Too Bad

Em                       G               D                  D
Nothing matters when it goes this slow, answers there but y'still don't know
Em          G            D                      D
Got it all in your hand see it fly but it just don't land
C                        D              C   D
Got it where y'want it, really got it made in the shade
C                  D               G     G
Really too bad ya like the sun so much

Em  G  D  D

Em             G              D                             D
Politicians fighting a war, against the human race I wanna know what for
      Em       G                 D            D
They claim to be just like us, lyin festerin sac of puss
      C              D         C   D
So embrace religion just in case, save our race
C               D              G    G     
Really too bad it's so out of touch

Em  G  D  D

Em                   G   D        D
Want another chance but, I don't know at what
  Em           G          D                D
Spending days in a daze don't matter it's just a phase
        C                    D              C       D
Don't know why I rough it, think I had enough that's tough
   C               D                   G    G
Really too bad I just don't need the crutch

Em  G  D  D

Em                G              D                        D
Grabbin the bull by the horns, works real good till your gut gets torn
  Em       G            D            D
Gettin up in your face don't belong in this place
       C                  D          C      D
Can't hide this way it's just a ride, just coast and slide
    C                   D                   G     G
Really too bad went to brake and hit the clutch

Em  G  D  D
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