Nick Lowe - In The Middle Of It All chords

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Rarely performed gem written by Arthur Alexander... 
nice laid back feel for this one!

Verse 1
   D         G
My house is a lonely house
       D         G
But it once was a happy house
        D        /Db   /B   G        A   A7
And the two of us were happy as I re-call

Refrain 1

            D            Bm
But now the rain falls a-round it
    D              Bm
And loneliness sur-rounds it
    G           A            D    A
And I am in the middle of it all

Verse 2

   D               G
My friends look at me and say
  D                     G
I wonder what made that boy that way
    D  /Db        /B  G         A   A7
The boy   doesn't even smile at all

Refrain 2

      D           Bm
But I wonder what they would say
   D                     Bm
If their world just came down one day
    G                A            D   D7
And they were in the middle of it all


G                                      D
  I gave that girl all the love that I had
Had to give
And the love that I gave her
     D                A    A7
Was real and real and real

Verse 3

Now I ache yeah 
With heart-breaking pain
        D                G
And the hurt that I just cant explain
       D         /Db   /B  G            A   A7
Yes it looks like   my life is about to fall

Refrain 3 / end

      D             Bm    
But I feel a shadow round me 
    D           Bm
But sadness has found me
    G             A            D
And me I'm in the middle of it all
    G                         D
I'm sitting right here in the middle


I hope I've done it justice!

Kevin O'Brien
April 2012
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