Nickelback - When We Stand Together chords

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Hey this is my first Tab just played along with the song and it sounds %95 correct.

Capo 1

Verse: C Am Em G

 C           Am           Em            G
  One more depending on a prayer and we look the other way
 C         Am               Em         G
   People pretending everywhere its just another day 

 C             Am                   Em        G
   There"s bullets flying through the air and they still carry on

 C              Am          Em        G
   We watch it happen over there and they still turn it off

(you can stay on the Em but i like going to the G)


Am       C         G
Hey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!  We must stand together 

Am       C         G
Hey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! There's no giving in

Am       C         G
Hey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! Hand in hand forever

Am       C         G
Hey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! That's when we all win




Am                 Em
Right here to guide us 

Em                  Am
Is right here inside us

Am                Em
No one can divide us 

Em                       Am
When the light is nearly gone

Am                      Em......
But just like a heart beat 

The drum just carries on


And the song finishes at the end of the chorus. 

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