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Nickelback - Shouldve Listened tab

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here's the chords for the song. it's really easy to play. the chords are the same
all the way through, the chorus and the verses.

Bm    D      G     A     E
E-0   E-2    E-3   E-0   E-0
b-2   b-3    b-3   b-2   b-0
G-4   G-2    G-0   G-2   G-1
D-4   D-0    D-0   D-2   D-2
A-3   A-0    A-2   A-0   A-2
E-2   E-x    E-3   E-x   E-0

Theres clothes all over my floor
don't remember them being here before
                         G                          A
Smell of perfume isn't here, why's lipstick on the mirror
And still I don't understand

                         Bm                                   D
No pictures left in the hall, there's three new holes in my wall
                            G                             A
Where the hells my credit cards, why's my wallet in the yard
And still I don't understand
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