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Nikki Jean - La Di Da Di Da chords

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song: La di da di da
artist: Nikki Jean
album: Pennies in a Jar

This is my first tab so I apologize beforehand for all the wrongness about to ensue.
Please feel free to edit the chords, and especially the lyrics; I couldn't find them online.
Anyways, these chords are pretty easy, just listen to the song for the strumming pattern.

(capo 5)

G   Em   Am    D
(strum each chord for 4 counts)
La di da di da (x4)

G                       Em
Every day I pick myself up and say:
Am                               D
Hey there world we're making the sun shine
G                        Em
You and me together with he and she
Am                      D
Hangin in and makin the sun shine

Em               B
Clouds may come, storms may blow
    G                                  Am  D
But after the rain looked up for the rain--bow

G                          Em            Am     C    
  D        G
Then somehow we'll slowly a-whisper now: listen to the music of sunshine

G   Em    Am C G
La di da di da (x5) (La da-da)

VERSE 2: (repeat verse 1 chords)
Come what may remember to smile and say:
Here we go, we're makin the sun shine
Girls and boys we're making the joy (polloi?),
Holdin hands and makin the sun shine

Shadows form, Skies are grey
Whenever you're down look up to a new day
Then you'll see how happy the world can be as it becomes the color of Sunshine

CHORUS: (repeat 5x until the end)

P.S. I think that the chords in the chorus can be G, Em, Am, D (instead of C), G

This song is pretty darn adorable =.  Heard it on a commercial and had to learn it!
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