Nina - Cant Find The Words To Say Goodbye chords

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Title: Can't Find The Words to say Goodbye
Artist: Nina

Intro: F Am Bb
       Dm C Bb C

 F       Am       Bb
Can't say I don't love him

 Gm       C     F
Still I can't pretend

 F      Am   Bb   Gm   C
That my heart is torn just
Knowing that I'm losing my bestfriend

 C/E            Bb
If it's easier said and done

        F   Am       Bb
Then someone tell me why

Though I try

         C         F-Intro
I can't find the words to say goodbye

          F        Am      Bb
I could tell him that I'm sorry

   Gm    C      F
Hope she'll understand

    F     Am    Bb    /A
She will have to do with someone else

 Gm       /F      C
All that we have planned

C/E            Bb
I'd rather her hear the truth

      F       Am    Bb
Than hurt her with a lie

So I tried

             C    F Bb/F
But I can't find the words to say goodbye

Now I know

   Am   Dm
I have to go

 Gm              C
There's no other way

  Bb  Am    Dm       Gm  C
But goodbye is not what I can   
Bring myself to say

 F           Am      Bb
If I told her see you later

   Gm    C      F
Then I might be wrong

            F     Am      Bb
Cause this voice inside is driving me

 Gm           /F  C
To find where I belong

   C/E      Bb    F   Am   Bb
I know I must leave her now but everytime I try

Don't know why

        C        Dm-C-G/B
But I can't find the words to say goodbye

Don't know why

I can't find the words t say goodbye

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