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No More Kings - About Schroeder tab

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 No More Kings - About Schroeder
  /This song is played completely on the piano, but I tried to tab it
   for guitar. I hope it is a little accurate, It sounded good when I
   played it./


G     B          C           Cm
Sally Brown sits down by his piano.
G          B       C
He doesn't see her there.
He plays his heart out.
G           D           C     
She's mesmerized by his concentration.
G          D                 C          
Closes her eyes and tried to see what he sees.
G           D        C            Cm
And this is love, oh yes, at it's finest,
G           B            C           Cm
and this is love how it needs to be,
G           B       C                 Cm
and it's in love to break through the shyness.
G   B             C            Cm
She knows it'd be love if he'd hold her.
G   B          C              Cm          G
She can't stop thinking about Schroeder.


 Tabbed by SjoukeB
 I hope this is useful!
 If you have any questions, mail me at
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