No Use For A Name - Ontario chords

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C                  [ch]Cadd9/B[/ch]  
Dim light, Saw you sleeping
     Dm          A             Dm  
the door is open waiting to be closed
          F                   [ch]Cadd9/B[/ch]     Cadd9
and it's warm in this little room
    [ch]Gsus4/G[/ch]     C/E
but december is so cold
C            [ch]Cadd9/B[/ch]
waking to a nightmare
Dm                A           Dm
passing out and hoping for a dream
           F                Am      G
that will bring back his memory

     F                           G
and everything you wanted was so close to you that night
   C                  [ch]Cadd9/B[/ch]               A
I don't know how you could have dealt with this
    F                G                  Fm        C
But nothing could prepare you for that risk

   C           [ch]Cadd9/B[/ch]
Reliving every minute
Dm                A            Dm
makes the moment seem further away
   F             [ch]Cadd9/B[/ch]    Cadd9
unimaginable for me
    [ch]Csus4/G[/ch]       C/E
the room with the blue paint
C              [ch]Cadd9/B[/ch]
no words can repair this
   Dm             A                Dm
so why do people still talk about faith
           F             Am     G
when it's proven to be nothing great

     F                             G
Now every day reminds you of what could and should have been
   C               [ch]Cadd9/B[/ch]           A
I cannot find the last line to this song
    F             G                 Fm      C.    
Oh yeah, please remember it must go on.

RIP Tony Sly
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