No Vacancy - Heal Me Im Heartsick chords

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No Vacancy - Heal Me, I'm Heartsick

Standard Tuning:

C:          X32010
Am:         X02210
G(C/G):     3X0010
Em:         022000
F(Fmaj7):   X03210
Dm(Dsus2):  X00230

Intro:  C  X  8

Verse 1:
  Heal me, I'm heartsick. I'm hungry and I'm broken
  I'm haunted and weeping. The blood of heaven flowing like a 
Am      G      Am            Em          F
river tonight. Tears I can't fight on my own.

Verse 2:
  I'm a haunted heathen, I'm hung and barely breathin'.
  The drowning ocean, snuff the sun in motion.
          Am         G         Am          Em          F        Em  
There's a pill on my tongue, a shot from a gun, the bottle's bottom.
I'm lonely as a star.

C         G             Dm                Am         G                  
  Heal me, I'm heartsick. Hungry, thought I could survive on you.
C              G          Am        F
  Hear my heartsick hungy cry...       I'm heartsick

Break:  C  X  4    

Verse 3:
  Father, free me. Mama, woman, feed me.
  A child of fury lost his way, but don't worry.
        Am            G            Am         Em          F     Em    
I won't stop till the dawn, though I'm in too long on the run I grow strong 
and restless as a storm.

Repeat Chorus:

Guitar Solo:
Am  X  7
G  F

Repeat Verse 1:

End Chorus  X  2:

End Break:  C  X  8
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