Noah And The Whale - My Door Is Always Open chords

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Artist: Noah And The Whale
Album: First Days of Spring
Song: My Door is Always Open

To play this song correctly you have to tune the guitar down a half step.

Chords: (tuned down a half step)
      Ab     Eb    Bb/F   Eb/G    Ab5   F#7sus2

      Ab             Eb
I will only, let you down.
       Ab             Eb
I will only, let you down.
       Bb/F            Ab
But my door, is always open.
       Bb/F             Ab
Yeah my door, is always open.

Eb/G      Eb      Ab5            x2

Eb/G                     Eb        Ab5
Well i don't think, that i ever loved you.
        Eb/G       Eb          Ab5
But the world is dieing to meet you.
         Eb/G         Eb          Ab5
Oh black birds they sing off the mountains.
        Eb/G             Eb               Ab5
Joyeous love songs that drift through the houses.

But now i'm free,
Eb      Bb/F
Now i'm free,
Eb      Ab5  Eb/G F#7 Eb   Bb/F
Now i'm free from all your pain.

Eb/G    Eb    Ab5        x2

(Chords same as first verse}
Oh well church bells, they are ringing for you.
Oh and choirs are singing in red,
oh your voice could summon the angels,
and your beauty, could waken the dead.

But now i'm free,
Now i'm free,
Now i'm free from all your pain.

{Chords same as intro, played with a bit more passion!}
Well you have only let me down
you have only, let me down
but my door is always open
yeah my door is always open.

Eb/G                            Ab
Yeah i love with my heart and i hold with my hands,
         Eb                 Ab
but you know, my hearts not yours. X4

Just strum once the first time you play these chords.

After he sings something that sounds like, "I'm the dance, I'm the dirt, I'm the flowers 
the earth, I'm the leaves
in the underworld" {does anyone know what he's saying?} the chords change to:

Bb/F   Eb       Bb/F   Ab       Bb/F   Eb       Bb/F   Ab       Bb/F   Eb

That's all.  Gavisgone.

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