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Noah And The Whale - Lifegoeson chords

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               L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N - Noah and the Whale

Thanks for the other couple of versions on the site but they're not quite right to my
ear, I think this sounds best:

Comments welcome

Standard Tuning

CAPO 3  and played in D relative to Capo  (Actual Key is E maj)

Standard  open chord shapes except the G sounds best played as G(add 5) every time ( ie
with a D played on 3rd fret 2nd string)

INTRO:   D, G(add 5) -  Play 4 times

            D                         G(add 5)
VERSE 1:   Lisa likes brandy and the way it hits her lips,
                    D                           G
           She's a rock 'n' roll survivor with pendulum hips,
                      D             G
           She's got deep brown eyes
                            D     G
           That've seen it all.

            D                                G
VERSE 2:   Working at a nightclub that was called The Avenue
                D                               G
           The barmen used to call her "Little Lisa Looney Tunes"
                     D   G                      D   G
           She went down            on almost anyone

                      Em                         A
PRECHORUS:   From the hard time living 'til the Chelsea days,
                          Em                              A
            From when her hair was sweet blonde 'til the day it turned grey
            she said

CHORUS:      D          G
                   A                      G
           You’ve got more than money and sense, my friend
                    D                  G              A
           You  got heart  and you’re goin’ your own way.
            D           G
                     A                   G
           What you don't have now will come back again
                     D                 G              A     G
           You  got heart  and you’re goin’  your own way.

         then play  D   G  4 times

VERSE 3:         D                               G
           Some people wear their history like a map on their face,
               D                        G
           And Joey was an artist just living outta case,
                    D       G                 D    G
           But his best work was his letters home.

VERSE 4:       D                               G
            Extended  works of fiction about imaginary success,
                 D                             G
            The chorus girls in neon were his closest things to friends,
                       D  G                         D    G
            But to a writer -  the truth is no big deal.

PRECHORUS:                 Em                      A
             And from the hard time living to the sleepless nights,
                      Em                           A

                         .            And the black and blue body from the weekend 
fights  he’d say


                    Bm             G                D            A
BRIDGE:       On my last night on earth, I want  to look to the sky
                       Bm            G         D            A
                 Just breathe in the air and blink in the light
                        Bm             G         D           A
                 On my last night on earth, I'll pay a high price
                     Bm         G           D            A
                 To have no regrets and be done with my life

RPT CHORUS TWICE, then  D  G   x 8 and end on D

It’s a sweet, cute song!  Hope you enjoy playing it.
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