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Noel Gallagher - Merry Christmas Everybody chords

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Great accoustic cover done by Noel Gallagher.
Did my best to figure out the chords... So here it is, feel free to leave me 
comments if you have any suggestions. 
Merry Christmas everybody! <3

   A7 = 002020
Asus4 = 002233
Dmaj7 = 000222
  Em7 = 022033


F    C    G    C    A7


         D            Dmaj7           A
Are you hanging up a stocking on your wall?

         D               Dmaj7       A
It's the time that every Santa has a ball

        G                D
Does he ride a red nosed reindeer?

        G              D
Does he turn up on his sleigh

       Em7              G           Asus4   A
Do the fairies keep him sober for a day?


           D         Dmaj7
So here it is merry Christmas
     Cmaj7          A
Everybody's having fun

D           Dmaj7
Look to the future now

     Cmaj7            A
It's only just begun


Dm                   Bb
What will your daddy do

                  Dm           Bb
When he sees your Mama kissin' Santa?

   C      A
ah ah ah

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