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Nofx - Creeping Out Sara chords

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Creeping out Sara

I was backstage at a festival in Germany
talking to a cute fair skinned brunette
D                           E
I asked her if she wanted to have a beer and if she liked 
our set	
I noticed that her hair was longer in the back
I figure that's cuz she's Canadian
D                             E
That's why I was surprised when she told me she was fully 

That's when I realized it was Sara,
E5             A5-D5-E5    
or maybe it was Tegan
E5                         B5
I'm pretty sure that it was Sara
D5	                       A5            D5 A5
Cause Johnny Sampson said she was the cooler one

I told her I was a big fan of her band
She asked me if I had a favorite song
D                                                E
I admitted that I'd never actually heard them, but I like 
k.d. lang

I told her this Jew knows about the Juno's
And how they got robbed three times in a row
D                                  E
And then I asked her if she knew of anyone who was selling 
pills or blow

                          A5 D5 E5
That's when I creeped out Sara 
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                        A5 D5 E5
or maybe I just pissed her off
E5                      B5     D5
When I asked her if her sister and her had ever had a 
        A5 D5 A5
                         A5 D5 E5
Where they both ganged up one girl
E5                    A5 D5 E5
, a forgy or a fivesome?
E5                          B5                           	
Do they think strap-ons are groovy, and had they ever seen 
the movie
D5                                 A5 D5 E5
Bound and did they like Jennifer Tilly, 
E5                     A5 D5 E5
did they like Jennifer Tilly?

D                       A                 E
Sara said she preferred Gina Gershon, Angelina Jolie
In the Gia movie
 that was on HBO
                Bm                        E
And  These Walls Could Talk made Tegan cry a lot
After that I forgot what she said

                          A5 D5 E5
That's the problem with Diazepam,
E5                      A5 D5 E5
so many things I don't remember
E5                      B5
But I've got a sinking feeling, it's not that I'm a 
                              A5 D5 E5
But I think that I creeped out Sara, 
E5                     A5 D5 E5
I was creeping out on Sara
E5               A5 D5 E5      
I hope it wasn't Tegan, 
cuz Matt Skiba said she is the 
A5        D5 A5
cooler one

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