Nofx - Dig chords

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dig by nofx, worked out by Jamie
these are the chords use by fat mike when he played as cokie the clown at SxSW

C x 10 G x 1 f x 10

C           G              F
Rationalize values it's so easy to succeed
C           G              F
Keeping your eyes on the prize success, success
C              G
Camped outside Laissez Faire
AM               G
People understand me there
F                C                    G
Don't talk to me we'll get along just fine
C                G
Blowin' out your mores
AM               G
Henry Ford tradition preys on
F                C                  G      F    G
Idle minds left the emergency brake on too long
AM               G                   F
Underneath the city lies the ruins of mankind
C            G       AM        F
The excavation was a financial success
With artifacts of gold
C            G       AM        F
The arrowheads went straight to the Smithsonian
The rest was melted down and sold
Substantial gains
G              AM
Minimal losses are tolerable
F                C                G
As long as the machine keeps running on
C       G          AM
Cannibals Functioning on Pheromones
F                C           G
Rational thought lost to instinctual

C x 10 G x 1 f x 10
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